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This is the sign-up post for betas! Whether you are a participant or not, anyone is able to beta :) Please consider though:

1. You must have a firm grasp on the English language. You do not have to be a native English speaker, but you do have to consider yourself well-versed in grammar, spelling, and other things literary.
2. By signing up here, you cannot back out if you have accepted someone's story to beta. There are no extensions given for the beta-ing period.
3. When editing your writer's story, edit it so it is at a quality where you could say: "I'd want this story to be published on the internet because I think it's good enough and I want everyone else to appreciate it." Do not half-ass your work--put as much effort into it as you can!
4. Art submissions need not be edited.
5. Betas may not participate in the guessing poll.

After first drafts are due (July 17th, the 24th and 31st for some of you), then the editing period will start. Everyone must have a beta, even if it is yourself (see the points above). Every participant has two weeks to get his or her piece looked over. All final drafts must be in by August 21st.

Writers who need betas, look down the comments of this post and contact anyone whom you'd like to be your beta via personal message (go to their LJ profile page and click "Personal Message") or email. Make sure that your story(ies) do not tread on their squicks or go beyond their rating limit.

Beta Form


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